The largest ‘Supermoon’ since 1928 will going to happen on this verily Monday; 14 November 2016 start 07:24 pm, The Fullmoon Phase at its peak at 09:54 pm. In these 5 years recently, the Supermoon incident become one of the natural phenomena that are really stunning to any Astronomy fans and Mother Nature. This Supermoon phenomenon were already happened on 6 May 2012, 23 Jun 2013, 10 August 2014 and 28 September 2015 . According to media conference quotes by Agensi Angkasa Negara (ANGKASA) in their Facebook page, this coming Supermoon Fenomena 2016 is the largest in 68 Tahun (last time was seen ot year 1948) and the probability opportunity to view this largest Supermoon for the next 18 years (Year 2034)

The Largest Supermoon on this Monday; 14 November 2016 since 1948 and will be expected for the next 18 Years which is in 2034 

The Supermoon phenomenon is one of the astronomical phenomena and natures where The Moon will be at closest position with The Earth (perigee) at 07:24 pm and consequently at full phase or full moon at 09:54 pm on 14 November 2016. This incident known as The Fullmoon Perigee also known as The ‘Supermoon’.
The Supermoon is because of the distance between The Moon and The Earth are become closer as much as 21,104KM (384,500KM Earth-Moon Average Distance) because according to Moon's orbit that elliptical-oval shaped and which make the Moon looks larger than the usual. However it not change the physical of the Moon. In cause of the distance between the Moon and the Earth which become closer, as theoretically the moon's gravitational force influenced the water tide on in Earth to  becomes increasingly high and can cause lunar tide.

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