Akhirnya dalam kebosanan aku berjaya tamatkan download + print FAVOURITE MANGA aku dalam masa 1 hari..!! (obviously tengah bosan ni (~__~)
Blue Dragon RalΩGrad (BLUE DRAGON ラルΩグラド Burū Doragon RaruΩGurado?)
Tales 1-29 (end)

Dengan ink printer (Black only~) dan kertas A4 (Putih jer~), ONLINE MANGA dari www.onemanga.com berjaya di "zahir"kan atas kertas ni...

Begitulah kegigihan aku me'zahir & batin'kan MANGA ini sebagai KOLEKSI MANGA PERTAMA AKU...!!

aku suka MANGA Blue Dragon RalΩGrad (BLUE DRAGON ラルΩグラド Burū Doragon RaruΩGurado?) kerana ARTWORK yang MENARIK, JALAN CERITA yang penuh FANTASY, MENCABAR dan LAWAK...

Ral Grado WiKi:


In a world where demonic creatures amed shadows enter our realm through their very namesakes, little is safe. However, when a young boy by the name of Ral becomes friends with the shadow inside him, he may be the last hope in saving the world. Ral lives on the island of Sphaein, in the kingdom of Sphaelite. There he has been enlisted to protect the kingdom from evil shadows that wish to destroy it. With the aid of his shadow, a large blue dragon named Grad, and his teacher, Mio, Ral can take on any challenger.

is a manga by Tsuneo Takano and Takeshi Obata, the latter of which is the artist known for Death Note and Hikaru no Go. Chapters of the manga, referred to as "tales", ran weekly in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine beginning in December 2006. The series ended after 29 chapters. The plot of Ral Grad revolves around the journey of a young man named Ral from the kingdom of Sphaelite (スフエライト Suferaito?). Ral has a symbiotic relationship with Grad, the shadow of a giant blue dragon.
Viz Media will issue the English version under the title Ral Grad beginning in February 2008.[1] In Germany, TokyopopBlue Dragon RalΩGrad, a spelling mandated by the licensing contract with Shueisha.[2] will begin publication in October 2007 under the title

p/s: pasni nak 'try' cari games Blue Dragon RalΩGrad (BLUE DRAGON ラルΩグラド Burū Doragon RaruΩGurado?) lak....(agak-agaknya ada tak erk? )
p/p/s: Jumlah kesemua 1-29-end- episod = 91.9MB (maybe less 1% (^__^)