Just thinking & posting about what always playing in my head
Since i am just a fresh graduate (not officially)
what i should do next after finished my study (of coz after submit my thesis : binding with hard cover)???
i'm still thinking (actually still not get enough clear vision of all the working environment)

what playing in my head just know...i not ready to be a teacher (since majority of my friends applied for KPLI); when i'm officially graduate from this Universiity, i'm just 22 years old..
i think with such number of age, i need to gain more experience in working ..i just wondering if i can gain as maximum of experience in Government agency (since i overheard quite a bit that in government agency not very suitable for people to gain experience..huhu ~ is it?)
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Just my imagination that, for the time being (as my age still Young, fresh & innocent), it good to me to find any work that can gain my experience..Then, when my age achieve about 27 above, i already got my own prosperity (family maybe..hehe)
When the time comes, i will proceed working as a Teacher maybe, teaching the new generation about what i experienced once i studied, about what i already learned during my study (major in science) & and life
As my age growing old..teaching new generation about life...
(Teaching the new faces of generation to facing their future ahead..)
When i hair turned into grey, just resting at my own house, sometimes spending the leisures with my sons, daughters, grandchilds, farming..hhehhee...laughing with their grandma (a.k.a my woman)
A complete life cycle just in my head just now ~