This whole week would be Exam Fever!!!
(especially to me which already start on 5th-11st April 2009 and would i mind?)
well, only a bit...i guess...
i got some problem...the problem is...
i don't feel to study for my final exam of my final semester...
(Since i submitted my final draft 'baby' to my supervisors...take care thesis..)

Even it is the main problem
missing my thesis 'baby'? ehemmm..),
i still made some short notes for the exam preparation and still managed to answer 5 essays Questions in 2 hour duration for the 1st paper (Law & Policy of Aquatic Resources)....Today (5/4/09)
(still get 3 more to go...!!
Ganbatte ne..!! Jia yo..!!! Good Luck!! Berusaha!!!

Since my final draft of thesis was in history...let it be in memory
(haha.....may it rest in peace with my supervisors and 2nd reader....i know someday, it will come to me..)
Yeahh..thesis baby..!! come here 'baby'...i will make-u-up beautifully with hard cover & golden font... final draft that had been adopted by my supervisor and 2nd reader..
may it well soon..amin....

Struggling~ Struggling~ Struggling~
I wish GOOD LUCK, GANBATTE, JIA YO, BERUSAHA!!!! to all readers that will or already faced the final examination / test / doing assignment...

My special WISH of GOODLUCK to final year students (like me...!!) that already in final semester..may we all in bright future...