Saturday (19/09/09)
Sofi drop by at my house to gimme' theirs beloved cat;
Since her owner was "Balik Kampung" Terengganu... the name was given

This Orange-white fur cat is resemble The Lost Nana

Huh!! Cant wait for her meal XD

Look at her appetite...
Melati was trained to poo~poo in the toilet by her master...
So, when we all family went out and leaving Melati all alone in the house, not so worried as we leaving her some food till we back home

Playtime with Mr.Froggy~~~
The Princess Melati is thinking that if she kiss Mr.Froggy..It will become a gorgeous handsome Cat..
(is it Melati??? HAHHAHAH!!)

Eventhough this Melati is resemble The Lost Nana..
But all the memories and its behaviour is not the same..

Even its Good or Bad....
There's only ONE NANA in this World